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Project C.A.F.E.

What is Project C.A.F.E.?

“Teacher shortage” and “teacher retention”: These are two phrases heard loudly across the country. Project C.A.F.E. (Calling All Future Educators) is an opportunity for world language teachers in North Carolina to address these issues. This is an initiative to identify and recognize outstanding young people who could have a future in teaching a world language. As their nominating teacher, you will build a recognition program that suits you and your students.

Over 100 students were recognized through Project C.A.F.E. from 2003-2010, and we are eager to bring the program back. The role of FLANC will be to serve as liaison among the various C.A.F.E. programs across the state, to share information among those teachers, and to recognize the C.A.F.E. teachers and students at the annual fall conference.

Let’s plant the seed about becoming a world language teacher in the minds of outstanding young people. They are our future!

Learn about Project C.A.F.E. at the 2017 FLANC Fall Conference! Here is the session information:

Educators Rising - Project Cafe: Teach Them Well and Let Them Lead the Way

Friday, October 20th, 1:30pm-2:20pm

Presenters: Ken Stewart, Shawna Catlett

Who will take your place as a language teacher someday…perhaps one of your current or future students. We are nearing a crisis shortage of language teachers in the US. Come find out how two exciting, state and national initiatives (Educator’s Rising & Project CAFÉ) are addressing this urgent need. The presenters will share information on how you can help recruit the next generation of language teachers and recognize your outstanding language students at the same time.