Conference Materials

Presentation with images/information relevant for both attendees (from beginning) and presenters (start at slide 23):

FLANC 2017 Mobile App Webinar Presentation

Attendees - How to access materials
Session documents are uploaded to the app by speaker. You have to know the presenter's name in order to access the documents.

If you already know the presenter's name, look them up under "Speakers" in the app. If they have uploaded docs or have linked a website, you can find it in their profile.

If you don't know the presenter's name, find the session you are looking for under "Session". Click that session, and on that page you will find links to the speaker profile of the presenter.

If you don't see materials or links to a website on the speaker's profile, that means the speaker hasn't yet included that information. If the speaker said they would upload materials, give them a few days after the conference (we are all busy!). After a few days, if there still aren't materials, send them an email to politely inquire.

Presenters - How to upload materials
Presenters don't use the app to upload their work, but rather must attach it to their speaker profile via a web browser. You should've received an email from CrowdCompass giving you VIP admin access to edit you speaker profile. You should check your spam if you don't see it. If you cannot find the email from CrowdCompass, email with your name, preferred email, and the session(s) you presented. Documents should be uploaded in PDF format (see below). Alternatively or additionally, you can put links to a website that have your materials if you have a website, or a link to a shared/public Google drive or Dropbox folder.

PDF Format
Many programs give you the ability to save your file as a PDF. Just choose "save as" and pick "PDF" from the drop down menu for type. You might also have the option to "print" your document as a PDF file depending on your system.

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