FLANC 49th Fall Conference, 2015

Announcing a new, expanded format:

Pre-conference webinars on Mon., Oct. 19 ~ Wed., Oct.  21

On-site conference on Friday, October 23 ~ Saturday, October 24

Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center, Durham, NC



Download full listings of webinars, workshops, and sessions from the menu

Conference Theme:

Power Up and Engage!

- Celebrating World Language Education –

Language education empowers students and helps them engage the world.  Let’s celebrate our profession together at FLANC 2015!

(Designed by Nanami Miyazaki)

Keynote Speaker:

Yo Azama, ACTFL 2012 National Language Teacher of the Year

Keynote Address "Language Connects Us"

(Co-sponsored with the Japan Foundation Los Angeles)

(Yo Azama, Yasuko Rallings)

FLANC will issue a certificate of attendance at the end of each conference day:

Friday sessions=7.5 hours, Friday sessions and a workshop=10.5 hours

Saturday sessions=6 hours, Saturday sessions and a workshop=8 hours

You will also earn 1.5 hours for each pre-conference webinar.

If you have any questions about the Fall Conference, please contact

Yasuko Rallings, 2015 Program Chair (1vp@flanc.org)

Kc. Kasserman, Executive Director (kc.kasserman@flanc.org | 336.705.6278)