Project CAFE

What is Project CAFE?

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Project CAFE (Calling All Future Educators) is an advocacy initiative whose mission is to recruit and retain world language teachers in North Carolina.

The goal of Project CAFE is to promote teaching languages and cultures in grades K-16 while collaboratively helping build the teacher pipeline. Through intentional efforts that generate interest in the world language profession, Project CAFE assists teachers and students in making connections that lead to teacher preparation, including local university programs, district-university partnerships, grant and scholarship opportunities, etc.

Project CAFE also recognizes and supports students who demonstrate an early aptitude and enthusiasm for teaching with the ultimate goal of helping them find a way into the world language teaching profession. K-12 world language students who show teacher potential can be nominated by any FLANC member. Nominated teacher-to-be students will be invited to FLANC’s Spring conference to receive special recognition during the general session and can attend the conference to build connections with the K-16 world language community!

Click on the Project CAFE Nomination Form to nominate one of your students who you think “has what it takes” to be an excellent world language teacher and help us fight the teacher shortage!

How Can I Get Involved?

Let’s Build the Teacher Pipeline together! Here are 3 ways to get involved:

2. Connect your students with North Carolina colleges and universities that offer teacher licensure in world languages.

Beyond FLANC:  How to Keep the Buzz About Project CAFE Year-round

Project CAFE (Calling All Future Educators) allows you to advocate for world language education while also giving your students a leadership role and glimpse into the world of language teaching. Here are some ideas to get you started!


Advocate for World Languages

K-12  and University Partnerships

Teaching Assistant

For more information about Project CAFE, please contact the FLANC Past President (

Dark Horse Fellows Program in Sampson County

The Dark Horse Fellows Program is a teacher preparatory program in Sampson County, focusing on students from under-represented populations.  Students can apply to the Dark Horse Fellows Program during their sophomore year at Clinton High School, and throughout their time in the program, they will take community college courses, gain experience in the classroom, and visit campuses across the state with teacher education programs.  At the end of their senior year in high school, two students will be selected to receive a $10,000  forgivable loan, renewable for up to four years at a four-year university.  Dark Horse Fellows who work in Clinton City Schools will have the loan reduced by $10,000 for each year they teach.  For information on the Dark Horse Fellows Program, please contact the director, Vevlyn Lowe, at

Edgecombe County's Scholar Teachers Program

High school juniors at Edgecombe Early College High School are eligible to join the Scholar Teachers Program.  Participants in this teacher recruitment program take four courses that introduce them to teaching and complete over 200 hours of internships in local classrooms with mentor teachers.  Concurrently, they take college classes and earn an associate degree at Edgecombe Community College. After graduating with an associate degree, students can apply for a $10,000 college scholarship each year for up to three years to complete the bachelor's degree. In exchange for the scholarships, students must agree to teach in Edgecombe County Public Schools for three years of their first seven in the classroom. 

For additional information, please contact principal, Matt Bristow-Smith, at, or the program director, Leigh Ann Webb, at

See Future Teacher Program for more details and how to apply.

Teacher Recruitment Initiative for Wake County High School Seniors

The Wake County Public School System offers the Future Teacher Program to graduating high school seniors who have (or will) gain admittance to these colleges: Meredith College, North Carolina State University, Saint Augustine’s University, Shaw University, or William Peace University. Future Teachers receive the following benefits:

See Future Teacher Program for more details and how to apply.