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We are thrilled to announce the FLANC Fall 2023 Conference will be at the Benton Convention Center in the heart of Winston-Salem on October 7-8. The theme for the 2023 Fall Conference is “Advocate, Collaborate, and Celebrate!”. 

Click to access the 2023 Fall Conference page: https://www.flanc.org/conferences/fall2023 

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Apply for or nominate people to the Beginning Teacher Fall Conference Scholarships and Jane Mitchell-Manolita Buck Scholarship for prospective World Language educators!

2022 FLANC Awards Recipients

Bethanie Drew

FLANC 2022 K-12 Teacher of the Year

2022 FLANC K-12 TOY Bethanie Drew.webm

Susana Cisneros

FLANC 2022 Higher Ed Teacher of the Year

2022 Higher Ed FLANC TOY-Susana Cisneros.webm

Dr. Linwood "L.J." Randolph

Honorary Life Award

AV Connections Inc.

Fran Hoch Friend of FLANC 2022