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Executive Board 2020-21 (Year in parenthesis is year Board position ends - at the conclusion of the fall conference.)

FLANC Address:

Foreign Language Association of North Carolina

3201 Edwards Mill Rd.
Ste 141 #120
Raleigh NC 27612

Robbie Richwine

President (2021)

Jeff Pageau

1st Vice President (2021)

Program Chair

Charlotte Hancock

2nd Vice President (2021)

Christi Lea

Past President (2021)

Kayley Bartlett

Treasurer (2021)

Donna Podgorny

Secretary (2022)

Kristin Davin

Catalyst Editor (2022)

Currently Unfilled

Exhibitors Liaison (2021)

Lori Jerread

Southern Regional Representative (2022)

Johanna Carrión

Western Regional Representative (2021)

Jennifer Solis

Northern Representative (2022)

Kimberly Winslow

Eastern Representative (2021)

Andrea Barbosa

Dual Language/Immersion Representative (2022)

Sara de Nicolas

Institutes of Higher Education Representative (2021)

Lisa Worthington-Groce

Allied Groups Representative (2021)

Bonnie Wang

Independent Schools Representative (2021)

Melissa Perez

Awards Chair (2022)

Yi-Wen Liu

Membership Chair (2021)

Karen Dellinger

Scholarship and Mini-Grant Chair (2021)

Greg Williams

Webmaster (2021)

Dalton Perkinson

Assistant Webmaster (2021)

Helga Fasciano

Executive Director

Ph: 336.346.0179

Ann Marie Gunter

Ex Officio Member